About Us

Iosa was started in 1988 by Al Iosa. Company President Al Iosa holds a Mechanical Engineering Degree from Northeastern University in Boston, MA. Prior to starting the company, Al was the Director of Construction for Fotomat Corporation. In this role, he discovered how difficult it was to find quality building contractors in Florida.

When Fotomat returned to Connecticut in 1987, Al decided to stay in Florida and earn his Building Contractor’s License. “At the time I started Iosa, and still today, there is a tremendous opportunity for Building Contractors who are true professionals,” says Iosa.

As he sees it, being a professional Building Contractor has four elements:      



  • quality of work – Iosa Construction believes in quality construction done with the right material
  • efficiency of work – Iosa’s professionals recognize that time is of the essence, so we work efficiently to make sure your project is finished on time.
  • customer service – We communicate with our clients throughout each project by phone and email to assure that our clients can see the progress of their project.
  • subcontractor relationships – We have built relationships through the decades that have given us confidence in the workmanship and customer service skills of those we choose to work with.  

  Core Values

 On every project, Iosa Construction strives to deliver quality workmanship done in an efficient manner with exceptional customer service. These three characteristics are the company’s core values.   

 Iosa Construction, a Family Business

 In 2001, Al’s son, Alex Iosa, joined the company as Vice President. He is a graduate of the University of Florida who spent several years honing his customer service skills in management in the hospitality industry before earning his Florida Building Contractor’s license. He has completed numerous residential and commercial building projects over the past two decades at Iosa Construction.